Thougtful pretty young sportswoman using tablet counting calories after training in gym
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Calorie Counting – Why Are You Still Counting Calories?

Are you using calorie counting as your only measure for losing weight or getting healthy? Not all calories are created equal, which is why it’s important not to use calorie counting as your only rule for weight loss. Here are some facts, myths and solutions for a healthy lifestyle. The Basics of Calories A single […]

Closeup portrait of a young woman with headache isolated on a white background
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Natural Ways To Relieve a Headache

If your life is plagued with frequent headaches, you might be getting tired of having to pop pills to try to take away the pain. You might be wishing for some natural ways to relieve a headache. Do such things exist? Can you get rid of your headache naturally? People all over the world for […]

Portrait of laughing woman talking on the phone
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Laughter is the Best Medicine – 10 Reasons You Need to Laugh More

A lot of research has been done on laughter and its ability to heal and restore the body, and the truth of the matter is that laughter actually has many positive benefits. In fact, laughter is the best medicine, or it may just be the best medicine around. Laughter helps remind us of simpler, happier […]

Three lines of granulated white sugar with jar of sugar cubes on black background. Concept image for too much sugar addiction
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Too Much Sugar – The Top 10 Reasons to Kick Your Sugar Craving to the Curb

Sugar is one of the hardest addictions to overcome, but as studies show, it’s just as harmful to your health as drinking or smoking. If you’re wondering what’s so bad about the occasional dessert, you’ll be surprised to learn the top reasons to end your sugar addiction for good – not to mention how often […]

High dietary fiber health food concept with multi seed whole grain rolls, seeds, nuts and cereals on marble background top view. Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins.
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Dietary Fiber for Natural Health

When people look at the nutritional content of foods, they tend to concentrate more on calories, protein, fats and vitamins. Most of the time, people forget to consider the dietary fiber content of foods. In recent studies, it was shown that in America alone, less than half of the population gets enough fiber in their […]

Healthy Eating Healthy Food Nutrition Organic Wellness Concept
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Natural Health – Foods To Eat To Stay Healthy

Over the years, people have become more and more conscious about which foods to eat to stay healthy. Over the years too, several recommendations have been advised. To this end, books were written, keep fit programs were sold and advices followed. The average lifespan though stayed the same, seventy years, much the same as centuries […]

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Natural Health – Balance, Variety, And Common Sense

Every day one or two health foods are flooded into the market claiming superior natural health benefits. Almost every month, bookstores will stock up on books that sell health and dieting programs. On the TV, exercise programs and exercise machines are advertised to keep healthy and fit. The fact is all of these works, the […]